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Canadian journalist pens book on Kurdish Anfal massacre

The Kurdish genocide Anfal ‌قوربانیانی‌ ئه‌نفال



  A bookabout the Anfal massacre of Iraqi Kurdish people, penned by a Canadian journalist, will soon be released, said the author.

Anfal in Iraqi Kurdistan, which is written by Suzan Murali who is part-Kurdish, includes tens of stories about the Saddam Hussien's Anfal campaign against Kurdish people between 1986-89 in the last stages of the Iran-Iraq war.

The Anfal massacres included the use of ground attacks, bombings, mass deportations, firing squads and chemical weapons, left up to 100,000 civilians dead.

Murali's mother was Romanian and her father was an Iraqi-Kurd from Erbil, who she says never stopped talking about Kurds and Kurdistan.

The writer said this fueled a strong interest in anything related to Kurds, and pushed her to pen the book, which is written in English.


By Khidir Khalat