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News in "Literature"

in the interest of building cultural bridges through poetry the INNER CHILD Foundation PRESS  to publish a statement and reached the site Smakord copy of the poets of the Kurds in Western Kurdistan appeals to send their poems to the institution within a specified period of time for their anthology printed on the form. Dear Poets, We are looking for Kurdish poems from Rojava/North Syria that will be published in the Anthology of Kurdish Poetry by Inner Child Press. Send us as a Word attachment

  With more sorrow and grief we mourn our colleague the poet and director of Duhok radio station Kamiran Rasheed Barwari who in 21/22/ 6/2014 after a severe struggle with sickness left us. Kamiran Rasheed Barwari was a famous poet in Duhok Province and Kurdistan Region and always has a good p;ace in the variety activities of the Union of Kurdish Writers – Duhok and he took part in several times the writers delegations to abroad.

In Beliefeld – Germany, the fourth conference of the West Kurdistan intellectuals’ Union was held on 25-26/01/2014.

  Galawezh festival which would include the name of renowned intellectuals, writers and educated people worldwide, the cultural and literary works which have been received by the preparation committee of the festival, which consists of 31 researchs, 84 poems and 38 stories would demonstrate the importance of the festival for the intellectuals and writers. The festival shall be held in Sulaymani, at the Sulaymani Palas starting Nov. 21 to Nov. 25, 2013, the festival will include Iraqi, Kurds and international artists. PUKmedia

 Sherko Bekas, the acclaimed modern Kurdish poet, died yesterday (4 August) of cancer. Son of the poet Fayak Bekas, Sherko was born in Sulaymani in 1940. He joined the liberation movement in 1965, working for the Voice of Kurdistan radio station until he was forced into exile in 1986 and he then returned to south Kurdistan in 1992.