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Diyarbakır to host 'International Kurdistan Art Days'

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has organised International Kurdistan Art Days jointly with the Kayapınar, Bağlar, Sur and Yenişehir district municipalities in support of Rojava. Gathering together under the slogan “Rojava is the perspective for freedom and equality”, artists from all over the world will exhibit their works in various disciplines.

230 artists from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, France, Germany, the USA, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Switzerland, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Britain, Belgium and Italy are taking part in the project. Exhibitions, symposiums, panels and seminars are to take place during Amed Art Days, which will be hosted at the Sümerpark Amed Art Galery, Amed Metropolitan City Municipality Exhibition Hall and the Cegerwxîn Cultural Centre.

A symposium for painting and sculpture will be organised between 2-6 February during the Art Days with the participation of 33 artists. The artists who will take part in the symposium are as follows: Ahmad Hussein Elzaaim, Ali Asker Bal, Aziz Tilki, Bahar Demirtaş, Bahram Hajou, Barış Seyitvan, Dilşad Questani, Eido Alhussein, Ergin Kaya, Êvar Husseyni, Hama Haşim, Hanif Hamou, Hasan Abdalla, Inayat Attar, Lokman Huseyin, Metin Çelik, Mehmet Selim Gökçen, Mourad Abdullaoi, Munîr Şêxê, Newroz Azizoğlu,Nursun Hızlan, Omran Younis, Rania Kakarli, Rana Ali Abbas, Rêbuvar Said, Remzi Sever, Reshid Husso, Rıdvan Kuday, Saleh Nemir, Samr Draie, Sitar Ali, Şengül Acil, Zouheir Hassib, and Walid Alagha.

The Kurdistan Exhibition, which consists of works by 230 artists, will be opened on 7 February at 12:00 in the Sümerpark Amed Art Gallery. Profits obtained from sales in the exhibition will be sent to Rojava. Many artists have declared their willingness to donate their works to the Collection of the Amed Metropolitan Municipality if not sold during the exhibition which will continue until 7 March. Exhibitions are also planned to be held in Mahabad, Hewler and Qamıshlo in the coming years.

A second exhibition will be opened at the Cegerxwîn Cultural Centre on the same day at 14:30, while a third one will be launched in the Exhibition Hall of the Amed Municipality at 15:30. Furthermore, a panel to will take place at 16:30 in the Theatre Saloon of the Municipality, set to discuss the production process of Kurdish artists and how this work should be shared with the public.

A 3-days seminar, entitled “Women, Geography and Colours” will also take place during the Art Days between 8-10 February at the Burhan Karadeniz Cinema Hall. The sessions will take place each day between 13:30 and 16:30 with the participation of two artists. Beşar Al İssa, Ruken Alp, Rebuar Said, Star Ali, Mikail Rahmani and Teymur Evdikê are the artists who will make presentations during the seminar.