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London Kurdish Film Festival Screenplay Competition


Recognising the vital importance of well constructed and developed screenplays for the enrichment of Kurdish cinema, the London Kurdish Film Festival is organising a competition to select the best entry for a screenplay for a feature film on a Kurdish theme.

The competition forms part of the 8th London Kurdish Film Festival that is taking place between 15th and 24th November 2013. The wining entry will receive a prize of five thousand US Dollars ($5000), sponsored by University of Kurdistan – Hewlér. – The competition is open to all. Entries should adhere to the following rules:

Participants should submit a treatment of the script that is between 1000-1500 words only (about 3-5 A4 pages).

Participants should also submit a brief synopsis that is not more than 150 words.

Submissions could be in English language, Kurdish Kurmanji or Kurdish Sorani dialects. Submissions in other languages will not be considered.

Submissions should be on a Kurdish theme.  The treatment should cover the story; describe the plot and the main characters.

The treatment should state whether the story is original or an adaptation. If adapted, the treatment should identify the original work and state if permission has been obtained.

Only one submission per participant is allowed. Multiple submissions will be ignored.

All submissions to be sent to . Please send in a short CV with your submission, which will only be used for our records, as the submitted documents will be anonymised for the purpose of deliberations.

The final deadline for entries is midnight GMT on Sunday October 20th 2013.

For more information please visit

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