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Syria: 78 journalists and media activists martyred during the revolution

13 journalists and media activists were killed in September 2012


This month has been the most violent month since the Syrian revolution began in March 2011, with /13/journalists and media activists being killed in September2012, according to the Media Freedoms Committee in the Syrian Journalists Association, which is monitoring violations against journalists and media activists in Syria.


The number of journalists and media activists who have been killed in Syria has risento /78/ since March 2011.


Media Freedoms Committee documented in September 2012 the killing of /13/ journalists and media activists. Five in Damascus and its suburbs, four in Deir Ezzour, two in Aleppo, and one in Hama and one in Homs.



Below are the names of journalists and media activists who were killed in September


1.    Mohammad Badee’e Al Qasem: a media activist; killed  on 4/9/2012 while covering the clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s forces near the mailbox center in Deir ez-Zor city; Al Qasem is one of the founders of the media center of Deir Al Zor.


2.    Anas Abdullah, a citizen cameraman: was killed by a shrapnel from a mortar shell, while he was covering the violent shelling on his neighborhood al-Tadamon, as well as the violations committed by Assad forcesin Damascus on 06-09-2012.


3.    Tahseen al-Toom, a media activist: killed due to his wounds on 06-09-2012. After targeting his car by a tank shell in Arbeen in Damascus suburbs on 29-08-2012.


4.    Nawaf al-Hindi, a human rights and media activist: was killed by a mortar shell in Bait Saham, Damascus suburbs, on 06-09-2012.


5.    Tamer al-Awam, a film maker and media activist: killed due to his wounds. Tamer injuredbya bulletwhile he was covering theevents in Aleppo, on 09-09-2012.Al-Awamwho returned to Syria secretly made several documentary films about Syrian revolution, the last film was about events in Idlib. Al-Awam reported a lot of events for German and international media, and he organized many demonstrations and activities to support Syrian revolution in Europe.


6.    Yusuf Ahmed Deeb, a journalist: killed by warplanes bombing printing house of “Liwaa al-Fatih” newspaper in Aleppo, on 16-09-2012.


7.    Abdul Rahman Maree al-Mashhour, a media activist: was killed in a demonstration in Hamidiya neighborhood in Deir ez-Zor, on 18-09-2012.


8.    Abdul Karim al-Oqda, a photographer and ground reporter: was killed with three of his colleagues, while the Syrian regime forces surrounded his house and burned, in al-Arbaain neighborhood in Hama, on 19-09-2012. Al-Oqda was one of the most prominent of Sham News Network reporters and photographers in Hama, he filmed of more than 1250 videos from the combat zones.


9.    Mamoun Ahmed al-Gghanndo, a journalist: was killed with his twin brother Faris, by falling a mortar shell on his house, in al-Madamia town in Damascus suburbs. On 25-09-2012.


10.Abdul Aziz Ragheb El-Sheikh, a media activist: was killed by random shelling on al-Qousur neighborhood in Deir ez-Zor. On 26-09-2012. El-Sheikh was a correspondent of Sham News Network in Deir ez-Zor.


11.Maya Nasser, an Iranian journalist: a correspondent of "Press TV" Iran channel, was killed by a sniper near of the Umayyad Square in Damascus, according to the "Press TV" channel. On 26-09-2012.


12.Yusuf al-Aqraa, a media activist: was killed during filming a battle in the al-Soultaniya neighborhood, in Homs. On 27-09-2012. Al-Aqraa was one of media activists of al-Farouq Battalions Press Office in the Free Syrian Army.


13.Mohammed Fayyad al-Askar, a citizen journalist: was shot on the ground by al-Assad forces in Deir ez-Zor, on 28-09-2012. Al-Askar was an activist in the Deir al-Zour News Network, and Free Deir ez-Zor Radio.



Media Freedoms Committee at the Syria Journalists Association