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Commemorating the ninth anniversary of the Yazidi Genocides in Germany

Participation of Mr. Arif Ramadan, Director of the Sama Foundation for Culture and Arts, in the conference
Participation of Mr. Arif Ramadan , in the conference

The Yazidi Advisory Center in the Rhineland-Palatz state parliament building in the German city of Mainz commemorated the ninth anniversary of the crime of genocide committed by the terrorist organization ISIS against the Yazidis on 08/03/2014.

Mr. Arif Ramadan, Director of the Sema Foundation for Culture and Arts, was invited to this occasion in honor of the logistical services provided by the Sama Foundation for Culture and Arts to the issue of the genocide of the Yazidi brothers, by holding various conferences, seminars and cultural events to remember this painful occasion in the Sama Culture Hall in the Capitol Hotel Erbil.

This painful occasion was commemorated in the presence of a large German government, parliamentary, party, and civil presence, with the participation of representatives of the Iraqi and Kurdistan governments, relatives of the victims, and some academic, religious, and social figures from Kurdistan and Europe, as well as the heads of the Yazidi clans from Sinjar.

The program included reciting religious words and poems and a section of folk music, in addition to honoring the Iraqi researcher Saad Salloum with the honorary award of the Yazidi Consultative Center in Germany in recognition of his role in advocating and defending the Yazidi cause in Arab and international forums.



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