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News in "Art"

    Kurdish famous singer Shivan Perwer will release a new music video of a 30-year-old song of him. Sponsored by Korek Telecom, the video clip of Perwer’s famous “Ez Khorte Kurdim,” translated as “I’m the Kurdish guy”, is produced by High Level Music Firm. The scenario and direction of the graphic video are by Shereen Cihani and it was filmed on the frontlines of Gwer and Makhmur   Waar, Duhok:

    Zarok TV started broadcasting in Kurdish on March 21st, Newroz day, becoming Turkey's first Kurdish-language TV channel for children. The privately owned station Zarok (Kurdish for children) has launched Kurdish-language broadcasts from its headquarters in Diyarbakir.  

    With Peshmerga forces fighting Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Iraqi disputed regions, Kurdish pop singer Helly Luv sends out a message for them and pleads to God to protect Peshmarga forces. On her Facebook page, Helly Luv recently posted photos of herself wearing a sand-colored suit inspired by the Kurdish sharwal, with a traditional jamana scarf wrapped around her torso. Posed with a gun, she stands looking off into the distance.  

  International Theater Festival , kicked off on Friday , in the City of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region with participation of western and European teams.