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Book Reviews

  This is an anthology of Kurdish contemporary poetry, which is rare in the sense that there have not been many similar attempts before. It is a general introduction to the contemporary Kurdish poetry and its unique features, which may not be familiar to English readers. 

      Released in October, Nothing but Soot is Sirwan Kajjo’s debut novel. He is a Syrian Kurd based in Washington DC. Kajjo, like his main character, Kawa, has a journalist background and this is his first creative work. It is one of the few Kurdish novels written in English. Nothing but Soot is an entertaining coming-of-age novel that follows the story of Kawa as he grows up in the persecuted streets of Amude, drops out of high school and moves to Beirut, eventually embarking on a journey to America.

    Leyla the Kurdish Bride written by Gharbi M. Mustafa is a play about the Kurdish martyr,

Tends scholar Tawfiq Wahbi to believe, that the Yezidis are the heirs of a large partof the beliefs of Mithraism, and through his valuable

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