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Declaration from the Committee on Printing and Publishing Corporation in Sama


Proceeding from a belief in Sama Foundation for Culture and Arts in Dubai, based on the publication and dissemination of thought and Kurdish culture everywhere and to help writers and intellectuals in the west of Kurdistan to highlight the creativity and talents to the Foundation to print and distribute the books to suit the culture and thought of the institution. And since three years to the day the institution provides the assistance to improve the image of Kurdish and enrich the value of library books. And through the mechanism that the author first and last beneficiary of this work is purely cultural. The number of printed works by Sama Foundation are approximately thirty- books from different cultural aspects (poetry - the novel - the story - Studies - History, etc.). The company made this work for the great service and assist the Kurdish intellectuals.

We are now in the process of the annual declaration of our new printing and publishing and determined to continue with this approach where we found the results satisfactory in spite of the presence of some of the gaps that are going to avoid it.

Titles and the names of their authors:

1 - Book and Miadat leaders - Serok û Merok Kurdish language - Authors Qado Shirin (satirical stories)

2 - Office of the pain Dîwana Jan - Kurdish language - the author Jean Douste (classic).

3 - based Afrinip Zargotinên Efrînê - Kurdish language - author Per Rustam.

4 - Birth of the Prophet Mewlûda Pêxember the Kurdish language - the late author Seday Thérèse.

5 - Rules of the Kurdish language - Rêzimanê Kurdî - Author The late Mullah Ahmed Palu.

6 - Dûmahîya awireke lal Kurdish language - Authors Yassin Hussein (collection of poems).

7 - Thus spoke HH - in Arabic - Author Sheikh Tawfiq Al-Husseini.

8 - puzzles - in Arabic - the author Jean Khorto House, (collection of poems).

9 - Tourism in the memory of Mount Kurds - in Arabic - the author, Dr. Ahmed Khalil.

10 - Kurdistan geniuses in literature - in Arabic - the author, Dr. Ahmed Khalil.

11 - Aloesideon Kurds in the Ottoman Empire - the author, Dr. Ahmed Sinoe.

12 - thus bray چارسم بگ - Author Darius Dare (sarcastic thoughts).

13 - maps of the territories of the soul - the author Zacros Osman (novel).

14 - Dialogue with the Chief Mullah Barzani revolution Mullah Abdullah Rashid: Ibrahim Youssef interlocutors.

Here we note that we do not set time or a specific time for the printing of all the books on the list which traditionally would take a lot of time and effort and fatigue and stress that we try to accomplish in a period of up to the end of 2010.