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Duhok International Film Festival - Special Screenings: Taha Karimi

Taha Karimi

 In this year's edition Duhok IFF is showcasing a series of Special Screenings in addition to its main programme. One of them is dedicated to Taha Karimi with a selection of his films.

Taha Karimi is among the most famous Kurdish filmmakers of our time who dealt with the political struggle of the Kurdish people in his works. Duhok IFF  is going to present Karimi's films “1001 Apples” and “White Mountain”.

In May 2013 Karimi lost his life at age 37 in a dramatic accident. The Kurdistan Tribute wrote: “This is a huge loss to the Kurdish film industry which needs more people of Taha’s calibre”*.

The festival wishes to honour Karimi's outstanding work and thereby express the acknowledgement he rightfully deserves.

Click here to read more about Taha Karimi's biography.

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