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First Kurdish Channel For Kids Launched in Turkey



Zarok TV started broadcasting in Kurdish on March 21st, Newroz day, becoming Turkey's first Kurdish-language TV channel for children.

The privately owned station Zarok (Kurdish for children) has launched Kurdish-language broadcasts from its headquarters in Diyarbakir.


The station will be broadcasting nationwide in three dialects of Kurdish, Kurmanji, the most commonly spoken Kurdish dialect in Turkey, Zazaki and Sorani. Well-known cartoons like the Smurfs, Sponge Bob, Gumball, and Adventure Time will be included in the programme schedule.


Kurds are the largest non-Turkish ethnic group in Turkey with a population of about 13.4 million, one-fifth of the nation's total population.

Turkey's first Kurdish-language channel, TRT Kurdi, began broadcasting in 2009.