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Helly Luv Sends Message to Peshmarga



With Peshmerga forces fighting Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Iraqi disputed regions, Kurdish pop singer Helly Luv sends out a message for them and pleads to God to protect Peshmarga forces.

On her Facebook page, Helly Luv recently posted photos of herself wearing a sand-colored suit inspired by the Kurdish sharwal, with a traditional jamana scarf wrapped around her torso. Posed with a gun, she stands looking off into the distance.


“Peshmarga means sovereignty, success, resistance and love of country,” wrote Helly Luv on her Facebook page.

 Also in the post she wrote, “Kurdistan and Peshmarga are like the body and blood, they are a mixture within every single citizen of their lovely homeland.”

 “At this sensitive time, I greet every single Peshmarga soldier as a hero. I beg for God to protect Peshmarga and take violence and terrorism away from our country. Long live the Peshmarga, long live Kurdistan!” the female singer exclaimed passionately.

 In the past Helly Luv has published a number of pictures of her mother, a former Peshmarga, in military garb.  Helly Luv also expresses her pride of her mother for being a Peshmarga.

 US-based Finnish-Kurdish singer Helen Abdulla (aka Helly Luv) was born in 1988 towards the end of the Iran-Iraq War.

 Helly Luv and her family escaped death by first fleeing to Turkey. From there they went to Finland, later settling in the United States. 


BasNews, Erbil