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Impact .... A new collection of poetry in Kurdish poet and writer Taha Khalil

Issued by the House, "Hero" for the publication of the Bureau of the first Kurdish-language poet and journalist Taha Khalil, the name of their impact
Cover of the Bureau of the sculptor Kurdish Bashar Issa.

Impact of the versions of Sema Foundation for Culture and Arts "is the sixth version of the institution"
It is well known that the poet Taha Khalil Many of his poetry and other literature printed in Arabic and German.
"Impact" added to the Kurdish Library and take its place among the modern Kurdish poetry in Syria and put in place.

Note that the poet Taha Khalil writes in Kurdish for a long time, but his production did not see the light of the Kurdish only recently and through this version?? Says ((I took the decision in Diyarbakir (Amed) ... must be my hair up and read in Amed .. because I write everything before them ... Amid Qublta long ago ...))

The Court Nqttf this text translator of Arabic poetry

Km in

Many years, has not gone yet ...!
Only twenty years
Window is the window
Alley Alley is the same?
Still climbing the pergola ..?
Still want to reach you ...!

Many years, has not gone yet ...!

Only changed the color of sunlight the window ..
Chapters only hinted window colors ..

Many years, has not gone yet ...!

Only twenty years ..?

Twenty years is not much??


Turkish troops to the ()

Dear soldier .........?
HBC and the hands and eyes of God.
To order that
Consider both of your eyes to your sweetheart
Both hands and spun Jaddaalha??
Tahedaha or a bouquet those hands?

Dear soldier, that were not knowing

Ask the Lord ....... ?
He will tell you ....?
But do not ask you?
Your eyes go through lovers
Both hands with two heads
And shoot

Dear soldier

Ask the Lord
Or if you are loved

Ask your heart??