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IV Moscow Kurdish Film Festival will be held from September 18 to 22, 2024




Mansour Jahani - The IV Moscow Kurdish Film Festival announces the dates - the screening will take place in the capital from September 18 to 22 this year. Continuing the traditions of previous years, as part of a cultural exchange, the festival will once again bring together filmmakers and film lovers from all over the world to show real masterpieces of Kurdish cinema.

The festival is also open for applications. Short and full-length feature films and documentaries are accepted for participation. You can apply until June 10 through

The festival program will be announced no later than September 1.

In addition to the main competitive programs, the show will also include retrospectives, out-of-competition screenings, and the best Russian films will be presented.

The main prize of the festival is a crystal stele with a golden sun. This prestigious award will be awarded to winners in five categories: “Best Fiction Film”, “Best Documentary Film”, “Best Short Fiction Film”, “Best Short Documentary Film”, and the “Contribution to Kurdish Cinema” Award.

The President of the International Moscow Kurdish Film Festival is Kerem Gerdenzeri, the director is Inna Tedzhoeva.

“For three years, the festival has become an expected and beloved event for many. It is especially pleasant that not only the Kurdish diaspora is interested in the film festival - last year there was a lot of attention from the film industry and ordinary viewers. And this is probably the most important indicator that we are doing an important and necessary thing. Since the inception of the festival, we have planned to introduce viewers not only to cinema, but also to the rich and diverse culture of the Kurds in general. Last year we managed to organize an exhibition of contemporary Kurdish art. And this year we hope to continue parallel directions and, in addition to cinema and painting, present extraordinary Kurdish music, dance, literature and even cuisine,” noted Inna Tedzhoeva.

Last year, the festival's spectrum included Iran and Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan with its rich history and traditions. This year there is an emphasis on intercultural dialogue in general and cooperation with Russia.

The Kurds are the largest people without a single state, living in the ethnographic and historical region of Kurdistan, which is now part of four states: Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. Films of the Moscow Kurdish Film Festival will immerse viewers in the aesthetics and richness of ethnographic culture, religious customs and socio-cultural processes of the Kurdish people, which are the real treasures of Eastern cinema.


More detailed information on the website of the Kurdish Film Festival:


Public Relations of IV Moscow Kurdish Film Festival.