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Kuridsh Film “Zer” to open the 5th Duhok IFF 2017

The festival opening, happening on September 9, 2017, will feature the MENA premiere of the film Zer by Kurdish director Kazim OZ.

 The Turkish/German production follows a Jan (Nik Xhelilaj), a young man who is raised in the west, more specifically New York City on his journey in finding a song (and emblematically his very own origins) his grandmother sang him on her deathbed. The film sheds light on the shattering reality and hidden truths of his heritage that has been kept a secret for many years. An enigmatic, lyrical and moving meditation on the scars of a troubled region, with beautiful cinematography and mystical undertones

“Our program is inspired by hope, so is the 5th Duhok IFF ‘s opening film Zer, a journey into the unknown heritage of thousands of Kurds and many other minorities in this region," says the festival’s artistic director Shamal Sabri.

Kazim Öz is an awarded Kurdish director, scriptwriter and producer. He started his career in the arts in Kurdish theatre. He shot his first short film Ax (Land, 1999) and was awarded by many of the prominent film festivals. Ever since he has directed, written and produced a number of award winning feature and short films including White Sycamore (2015), Once Upon a Time (2014), Demsala Dawi (2010), and Bahoz (2008).

 The production company Koz Film produced the film.  The stunning cinematography is the work of Feza Çaldiran, Eyup Boz and Orçun Ozkilinç.

 The opening ceremony will be held on Saturday 9th September at the Conference Hall.