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Leyla the Kurdish Bride



Leyla the Kurdish Bride written by Gharbi M. Mustafa is a play about the Kurdish martyr,

Leyla Qasim, believed to be the first woman in the Middle East who was executed for political reasons. She was a beautiful, intelligent and an innocent young woman, full of life and hope. In 1974, however, authorities in Iraq unjustly executed her and four other young men. Leyla was a victim of oppression committed by the Baa’th regime against the Kurdish people in Iraqi Kurdistan. The play was first performed at Jizzery Theater, Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, in March 2010. Based on a true account this drama raises fundamental and challenging questions about patriotism, love and sacrifice for everybody to consider. Read her story, think about her example, see if she doesn’t change your prospective on humanity, life and freedom.