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The member of Union of Kurdish Writers – Duhok Branch Kamiran Rasheed Barwari Left Us!


With more sorrow and grief we mourn our colleague the poet and director of Duhok radio station Kamiran Rasheed Barwari who in 21/22/ 6/2014 after a severe struggle with sickness left us.

Kamiran Rasheed Barwari was a famous poet in Duhok Province and Kurdistan Region and always has a good p;ace in the variety activities of the Union of Kurdish Writers – Duhok and he took part in several times the writers delegations to abroad.

In the field of poetry, Kamiran had a good position among our poets and always his pen was ready to make attitudes towards the events and developments.

We ask Allah the Most Merciful and Almighty to bless his soul and (To Allah we belong, and to him we shall return).


Union of Kurdish Writers – Duhok