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Sinful Words...By Hesenê Metê

The Author House publishes Sinful Words in a country where English speaks about five hundred more television, radios and newspapers.

Hesenê Metê translated a book titled Dr. Dr. Sabahat Karaduman, the rhetoric, went out with British students. Roman and Turkish translation have also been translated.

Behram is the mysterious narrator of this strange tale of one man’s search for divine understanding. He tells about the truth of sin—and the sin of the truth—in his life, while discussing not only Islam but also God as an all-powerful entity. Behram travels and meets others on the path to enlightenment, but he might not find what he seeks. He continues to search, although he does not know exactly what he searches for—or what pursues him. He chases and looks, knowing that the day he discovers what he seeks will be the day he becomes a poet, madman, or prophet, but a prophet without God. Behram grows to hate God as much as he hates Satan but also love God as he loves Satan. What horrible, beautiful realization awaits the seeker when truth is ultimately revealed?

Hesenê Metê is a prominent Kurdish prose writer and novelist. Born in southeastern Turkey, he has lived in Sweden since the 1980s. He is author of The Labyrinth of the Jinns, At the Church, Mother’s Breasts, and Tonight and the Last Story. His works have been translated into Arabic, Turkish, German, and Swedish.