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Statement -The Afrin Fine Arts Festival was launched

The closing ceremony of the festival was held on 11/04/2023 in Essen, Germany.

This period included receiving paintings online, holding dozens of meetings with communicating with Fine artists in order to organize a major event worthy of fine art under the name of Afrin.

Welcoming guests began at two o'clock, and more than 1,000 people from the four parts of Kurdistan, different nationalities, and countries attended the ceremony.

The closing ceremony activities began at three o'clock with welcoming speeches to the attendees, and dialogue sessions were held with members of the judging and screening committees to talk about Fine art in general and Fine art in Kurdish society in particular and about the mechanism for selecting paintings. Four Fine artists were honoured whose paintings were chosen by the screening committees and arbitration.

Three personalities were also honoured, which was approved by the organizing committee of the festival as an event that will be repeated annually on the sidelines of the closing ceremony. Two of these personalities will be Fine artists and one of them will have a major role in serving Kurdish art and literature in general.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, folkloric singing segments were presented by the artists, musical clips were played, and segments of Afrin folkloric dancing were presented by folkloric bands.

The most important event is holding a Fine art exhibition on the sidelines of the ceremony, in which more than 60 Fine artists from different countries participated.

As a result of the large public turnout, the crowding of the hall, and the interaction of the audience with the event, it caused some problems in the organization and was a reason for the art exhibition not taking its due course as it was scheduled for. Despite our attempts, in various ways, to provide what was necessary, the exhibition was held and the audience interested in Fine art interacted with the participating artworks. The names of the participants will be published, in addition to an art exhibition being held as part of the festival’s activities in the near future.

The festival organizing committee extends its apologies to all participants in the exhibition, without exception, for their negligence and failure to give the exhibition its due rights as it was planned.

In the coming period, we are about to hold a fine art exhibition as part of the festival’s activities in its second session.

It will only be an art exhibition, and we are happy for all artists to participate, and we will certainly communicate and coordinate with them.

The festival organizing committee extends its thanks and gratitude to all those who attended, visual artists, European figures, civil society activities, party delegations, the media, artists, musical and folkloric bands, and all attendees, and apologizes for the problems and lapses that accompanied the ceremony for reasons beyond the control of the organizers.

All criticism and advice received by the organizing committee regarding the ceremony is welcome and will be taken into consideration in the next session.

We will meet at the second session of the Afrin Fine Arts Festival.



The organizing committee of the Afrin Fine Arts Festival