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Sulaimani International Film Festival concluded with distributing awards

Sulaymani International Film Festival ended with distributing prizes for the winning films 7 days after the opening of the festival with the attendance of technicians and a large audience.

 The festival was attended by 170 films from 62 countries.

  Best Screenplay/Screenwriter goes to Atta Hama Saleh in “Masti Film Company”

Best Short Film goes to Artist Tariq Tawfiq for "Unknown Steps"

 Best long film goes “The Pink House” film

Best education short film goes to “My Clay Conception” by Zanyar Mohammed

Best animation goes to “Dead Horses” from Spain

Best Short Kurdish Film Award goes to “Janta Khosawaka” (The Soaked-up Handbag) directed by Ashkan Ahmadi


Award for Best International Short Film goes to “Buffet”

Best director for International Short Film Award goes to the Director of “Golden Time”


Best local Documentary Production Award goes to “Kurdish Dream War or Peace” directed by Kay Bahar

Best International Documentary goes to “Qamar”

 Another Long Movie award goes to “Foreign Body”

Best female actor goes to “Elena Vaska”

Best male actor goes to “Simon the Younger”

Cinematography award goes to “Hanarm bo Dakaniwit” (I have prepared pomegranate for you) by Jamil Mafakhiri.

Best movie Scenario goes to “A Day for Women”