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Handsome artist Juan Sabri the beautiful sound and ambitious to become a star on the horizon of modern Kurdish song since he has the qualifications to achieve his goals.

His city which is famous for many of the artists who sang for the love of the homeland of the scenic beauty and nature here is today an integral Kurdish artists add to its record.

Joan Sabri, who brighten a star shot to fame in the song Berfan (Bêrîvan), which was carrying the title of the second album in 2006 and produced in the form of a video clip broadcast on satellite TV in the Finn after the first album you me

(Tu ya minî) which was issued in 2005 and was the first of his works is now intent on the work of a new artistic and Astaadath and content of his new site Smacard held a telephone conversation with him where he said.

  He is now engaged to work in the recording of songs in preparation for the launch of the new album in 2009. This album is titled (Sacred Love) Evîna sosret.

He also said that Sama Foundation for Culture and Arts is in full cooperation with the issuance of this album and gave his thanks to the Foundation and its Director to support the artists and intellectuals of the Kurds.

He thanked The simplicity and the good spirit of the humble audience and all the loved ones who encouraged him to progress continuously, and said he would do his utmost in order to satisfy the audience and that he submit a tender for a small thing that the people who love.


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