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Akram Zave


Individual exhibitions


2001–The cultural center in AlHasakah

2002 –AlBasil exhibitions gallery in AlHasakah

2008– An exhibition in Amuda in the Autumn of 2008

2008– AlBasil exhibitions gallery in AlHasakah

2009–Gallery Nai art cafe  in Latakia 

2009– The cultural center in AlHasakah

2009–(Artiquea(  gallery . Britain . London     www.artiquea.

2010 –An exhibition in the artist  atelier for one day in AlHasakah

2010 - Basel Exhibition Hall - Hasaka
  2011 - Gallery of the UNESCO Palace Beirut


Collective exhibitions


2002– An exhibition for greeting the late Iraqi poet Abd Alwahab Albayati in AlRaqa

2003–– An exhibition for greeting  the artist Ahmad Muala and the French musician Julian Vise in AlRaqa

2003– An exhibition for greeting the late Palestinian artist Mustafa Alhallaj

2004– An exhibition for greeting the novelist Abdulrahman Munif

2007–The exhibition for young artists in  AlBasil exhibitions gallery in Alhasakah

2009–(Five of AlHasakah artists) exhibition in Alserdab cultural meeting in Latakia

2009– (Watrolon) exhibition during the cultural meeting in Jabla

2011 * Exhibition of Fine Artists Union Syrians - Hasaka (Branch Hasakah)




2004– Aparticipation in the International Photography Exhibition in Holland –Amsterdam

2004– Aparticipation in the performances of the Eleventh Damascus Festival for culture and  heritage in Damascus

2005– A participation in the International Photography Exhibition in Holland –Amsterdam


  Appreciation certificates


An appreciation certificates from the head  of Palestinian Artists  Association

An appreciation certificates from the head of Red Crescent Organization in AlRaqa

An appreciation certificates from  the general Manager of Tishreen  Establishment for Jowrnalism and publishing


(Akram Zave – Autumn –1974)    

a . zave art


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