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A newly published seventh edition of the publication series Sema Foundation for Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai), a collection of poetry taught me to fly your wings) (Cengê te Ez bi fire ... Xistim) of the poet Abdul Qader Mousa.
These include the precursor between the folds of pages of poetry and it say poems express the deep sadness rooted in the memory of the poet to overcome them Altrajdedea, sadness and pain that can not be made regardless of the days that Tmahaha.
Poet Abdul Qader Mousa tasted the pain of parting with all its anxieties, parting ... Home .... Column ... Golestan, live exhibits the paths of exile, and groaning on the unit had suffered and done by the cold, dark alleys, which wandered in the kingdom of love and separation ..
Mentioned in the introduction by the poet and the Court properly Bjok ... (I can not write much about his poems, all I know is that our lives, otherwise us the flames of fire ... a poem .. a setback and we Calverashh burn just walk around .. .. .. live and die again and die ...) .. All this is reflected in the poems Abdulkadir Musa.
Valdewan author of 68 pages of small format punctuated by 13 long poem, of modern Kurdish poetry.
Directed and designed the cover artist Rachid Hissou, graphics internal German artist Bettina Pfeiffer, printed in the Court in Quill Press, Hawler and registered at the Public Library of the Ministry of Culture in the Kurdistan region of Iraq under deposit No. 939.
Poet Abdul Qader Mousa born in the city column in the south-west of Kurdistan in 1969 and finished his secondary education there, then went to study in the university city of Aleppo in 1987, where he studied at the Faculty of Arts Department of the French language. Did not complete his studies and devoted himself to writing poetry and has published in many newspapers and magazines in Arabic and Kurdish. And then began writing poetry in Kurdish and work in the field of translation.
At the end of 1995, emigrated to Germany and specialized in the field of translation and poetry.


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