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  The United Nations refugee agency’s special envoy, actress Angelina Jolie, is touring a refugee camp in Jordan for Syrians who fled the civil war in their country.    The Hollywood star arrived on Tuesday morning in the Zaatari camp, which hosts about 27,000 Syrians displaced by the 18-month conflict. She met with Syrian refugee women separately and toured the sprawling tent city.In a speech during her visit, the actress thanked Jordan for accommodating the Syrian refugees.  

Duhok International Film Festival has first been held in cooperation with Berlin Kurdish Film festival in 2011. Meanwhile, the decision to have an annual International Film festival in Duhok was taken by the high committee of the festival. 

  Heval Sulaiman Miro- Turkey is experiencing serious difficulties in overcoming her systemic problems due to the bureaucratic nature of the political institutions that have been shaped since the creation of the Republic in 1923. As a result of these conditions, Turkey is increasing unable to keep up with the complex changing structure, needs, and demands of the Turkish society.

  A few weeks ago, the Syrian National Council (SNC) – the largest Syrian opposition group – elected Dr. Abdulbasit Sieda, a Kurd, as its new chief. Born in 1956 in the Kurdish town of Amude, northeast Syria, Sieda is a philosophy professor and prominent opposition figure, known for his political activism. He was one of the founders of the SNC, and as leader has emphasized the importance of unifying Syrian opposition groups against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. He picked up this theme in a conversation with Rudaw.

    Leyla the Kurdish Bride written by Gharbi M. Mustafa is a play about the Kurdish martyr,

              Director Halkawt Mustafa says making Red Heart was a challenge, but he's excited about it screening in Dubai

    Germany, Iraq, Syria, /2011/Kurdish dialogue with English subtitles /Colour/Digital File/72 mins   Genre: Social, War Screenings: Thursday 12/04/12 - 06:30 PM - Grand Cinema 9 Sunday 15/04/12 - 09:45 PM - Grand Cinema 9 Cast & Credits   Director: Akram Hidou Producer: Akram Hidou Scriptwriter: Akram Hidou

  The recent events in the Syrian National Council are concerning, where the majority of the Kurd members have withdrew from the Council as their demands were ignored. The Kurdish demands in Syria after the fall of Assad's regime are the following:

      A bookabout the Anfal massacre of Iraqi Kurdish people, penned by a Canadian journalist, will soon be released, said the author. Anfal in Iraqi Kurdistan, which is written by Suzan Murali who is part-Kurdish, includes tens of stories about the Saddam Hussien's Anfal campaign against Kurdish people between 1986-89 in the last stages of the Iran-Iraq war.

  Individual exhibitions  

  Interview conducted by: Dr. Sanaa Shalan   The Kurdish musician Delshad Mohamed Said is considered one of the most important Kurdish musicians of the twentieth century.

  International Theater Festival , kicked off on Friday , in the City of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region with participation of western and European teams.

   By SHADI HAMID; MARC LYNCH       The Debate over Syria A rising death toll raises the question: To intervene or not? Why We Must Fight Alongside the Rebels By Shadi Hamid

  BERLIN – The movie “Trattoria” tells the story of a teenage girl whose father is involved with the mafia. The girl wants her father to distance himself from the criminals, but circumstances don’t allow him to. The director of this tragicomedy is Soleen Yusef, a Kurd from Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Yusef has been living in Germany since she was 9 years old.


Issued by the House, "Hero" for the publication of the Bureau of the first Kurdish-language poet and journalist Taha Khalil, the name of their impact Cover of the Bureau of the sculptor Kurdish Bashar Issa.

Tends scholar Tawfiq Wahbi to believe, that the Yezidis are the heirs of a large partof the beliefs of Mithraism, and through his valuable

For Avesta publishing house in Istanbul, issued Akarmangeh translation of the

Collection and preparation of Kurdish writer Shirin Qado for Press and Han in Berlinwas the book that many people waiting for "Uncle Ismail what has been said andwritten about." The book contains a lot of material Alqubma and a lot of articles written about the late, the book also contains a lot of articles that deal over the life of the late seven andforty years.

  By ROZH AHMAD-Rudaw   LEEDS, United Kingdom -- The Newroz celebration, taking place on March 21, is New Year according to the Kurdish Calendar. It is the same for many nationalities and communities around the world whose indigenous calendar is derived from the ancient Zoroastrian calendar.